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How many coins per month

So in this post i will show you how you can get a grand total monthly of your miner profits for stats and for supervising the production and overall get more info about your ops.

The first thing you have to do is go to your wallet transactions sections and select a time period available in the combo box like today – last month – last week, then you can export that to a cvs file that you can manipulate.

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How do I protect my bitcoin

So a lot a people is asking me about how to protect their cryptos assets, i will tell you in this post all i am doing to take care of my Satoshis.

Ok, so the first thing you need is a computer a formal one that means no smartphones, no laptops, no ledgers nanos you need a tower desk computer that act as server.

The computer must have new parts if you are going to hold 0.5 BTC you don’t want to hold it in a old hard drive buy a new one.

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