HP-Vertica Shortcuts

HP_Vertica_Logo_0Por acá les dejo unos comandos para listar y obtener información en HP-Vertica:

\d [PATTERN] describe tables (list tables if no argument is supplied)
PATTERN may include system schema name, e.g. v_catalog.*
\df [PATTERN] list functions
\dj [PATTERN] list projections
\dn [PATTERN] list schemas
\dp [PATTERN] list table access privileges
\ds [PATTERN] list sequences
\dS [PATTERN] list system tables. PATTERN may include system schema name
such as v_catalog, v_monitor, or v_internal.
Example: v_catalog.a*
\dt [PATTERN] list tables
\dtv [PATTERN] list tables and views
\dT [PATTERN] list data types
\du [PATTERN] list users
\dv [PATTERN] list views
\l list all databases
\z [PATTERN] list table access privileges (same as \dp)

Espero les sirva, saludos.


Tableau Server 9 fix Search & Browse process

Installing Tableau Server 9 is a stray forward process but sometimes some process fail, this time i will tell you how to fix the Search & Browse process (searchserver.exe) when you finish installing Tableau Server and you login to via browser to localhost you find yourself whit this screen: