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A network problem [study case]

So the other day i was doing some consulting a problem occur  in a network, causing a failure of inaccessibility to a server created by an application, in other words a client could not connect error type of thing, the client pays a consulter to actually tell him the solution of his problem, so whit that been said, i power on my laptop find some wire to plug in, open a terminal and start the digging (The real values of Ips address have been modified).

First i drop a traceroute to the IP address the client was trying to connect to and found this:

RERSC [Blog] de luto.

Como Venezolano debo decir que lamento mucho lo sucedido en el país por la tragedia de Amuay, esto es solo un signo de como el poder en manos incompetentes mas la mala suerte, por que nadie quiere que algo tan horrible suceda (me gusta creer eso) pueden ocasionar tales agravios. Pero también me gusta creer que justo cuando la tormenta esta peor, es porque que ya pronto va escampar. Atenta Venezuela ! no publicaremos nada hasta el miércoles. Saludos/Regards.

Numero 1 nuevamente

 El Gran libro de Debian GNU/Linux  regresa a la posición numero 1 del top de los mas vendidos de Amazon Espana. Hemos vuelto por tercera vez y esta vez tenemos mas de un par de horas alli, para los que no lo saben el top 100 de Amazon se actualiza por hora así que prácticamente el chequeo de la posición del libro es un ticket que siempre esta en mi bandeja [If you know what i mean]. Para cerrar y celebrar les dejo este enlace a un show estilo TV de Drumb & Bass que estoy escuchando últimamente y si les gusta la música electrónica no deben dejar de probar. Feliz fin de semana y gracias por el apoyo.

Sistemas Distribuidos basados en Postgresql y Debian GNU/Linux

En esta entrega vamos a configurar dos servidores Postgresql uno como maestro y otro como esclavo la idea es distribuir el esquema de base de datos del servidor maestro a todos los esclavos y así contar con un sistema de alta disponibilidad. El primer paso que debemos hacer es agregar los repositorios backports de Debian squeeze:

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Survive or die, IT Consulting [Part 1]

More English writing here, today i will tell you some insides of my start as a freelance  IT consultor, we will talk about the mistakes and good moves that i made to end with 4 months of a steady relationship with two formal organizations, one related whit IT and another not related (directly obvious). Any way i think i will create three parts of these story. Ok lets start saying that tough choices are hard because this choices involve change and we all love the good old routine even if we complain about it, is easy to settle with a steady job or the thing you got going on to pay the bills.  i know because i had a steady job and it is awesome. But hey if the things are not working out… you have to move on into something it does work right? Ok so new questions comes to your mind GET A NEW JOB or GOING ON YOUR OWN. Lets just save us a lot time and lets start talking about why is better to go on your own a least for while.

You will learn about make business.

You will learn how to sell.

You will learn about managing your time.

You will invest on yourself.

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OpenIndiana Installation

OK  so a friend of OA ask me to write  an article about SmartOS, seriously i try but i don’t know what its up whit the  ISO file of that project that wont boot up! i mean i download from this server a file call «latest.iso» it didn’t boot… later on i download another ISO file, an older version this time, the version was (20120726T184637Z). and it didn’t boot up either, so i decided to not leave the things like that and went to a similar project named OpenIndiana, is almost the same thing. BTW i am guessing that my friend want an article about this… because first there is like ahhhhh ZERO documentation, second he has to be focusing on Visualization technology. We are going to make some articles about that but not with SmartOS. Fare well lets start this installation walk trough.

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