La boyera The Downhill Project

Un short downhill skate video to share whit all of you, later i will add some more shoots whit a Gopro camera to see how it goes. Hope you like it, see you later  : – )


Por rers

Rafael es TSU en Informática / Ing de Sistemas / Autor de El Gran libro de Debian GNU/Linux en 2015 fundo EnjoySistemas y actualmente se desempeña como Consultor Freelance.

2 respuestas a «La boyera The Downhill Project»

Nice video, man! That is you? I pictured you to be more geeky Xd. Very good skating and production on the video. The song went with the video quite well. Keep on doing what you love, man.

Hi, Kosmo yeah it is me, i have not see you in OA these days, Thanks bro the shooting went well maybe i will do another vid whit more tricks, stay tuned. See you at OA. keep the frags UP!

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