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Some of you may know that i bought STF V and playing online and all. So since i like this game so much lets make a review about the new STF the new chars the power the put into the chars. So join me into this game first game review of LINUXPRO.COM.VE.

If you where living underground lets put you at the speed. so STF is the fastest fighting game out there period. And it loos kinda like this:

BTW my id is Rafuch0 challenge me anytime. Anyways the review lets go right to chase the pros and cons in my perspective.


  1. Speed is awesome.
  2. the graphics are really good and follows the games history.
  3. The main characters still remains and the are very well remastered (Dhalsing moves)
  4. The whole game and application is like casino capable.
  5. The animations are good and short between fights.
  6. The online gaming settings are fare (specify platforms to ṕlay against is ver good).
  7. Scenarios are music are 10.
  8. Fight money is hard to get.
  9. The girls on the game look great too.
  10. Special moves codes work flawlessly (if you pressed right the special move will run)
  11. The fonts are just right!


  1. Some characters have more punch priority that others (ryu, ken, akuma) all ryu likes (you know what i mean).
  2. I have talk to other players …. introducing chars like Abigail could lead to pay money online for super strong characters in the game (we say  NO thanks. to that).
  3. Some times the FAIL to retrieve data from the server so YOU WIN a fight and you get no rewards. CAPCOM needs to check those database query’s or something.
  4. PLEASE no more crazy mods sometimes you don’t know who the char you are fighting against.

Right now i cant think of any other complain if any i will update this post jajajja LOL. Best game ever ohhh wait there is a another tiny thing. I pay like 80 USD for the Deluxe package of the game which is bit expensive – 昂贵–  so have that in mind (of course but you have to think in all those programmers, designers, platforms techs and that guy that simply does nothing in the office). Best game ever.



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