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So Litecoin is back on track as well of all other top cryptos what to expect from now… is half year and is looking good for those who made the jump, now from the miner perspective is more hard than ever Litecoin difficulty grows everyday, but we all know the value of 0.1 can be, we all know the trajectory of bitcoin in one blink can go from 1k to 3k just put it a number there you get the idea. So i still think that mining Litecoin and buy on fiat is the way to go. By the moment of writing this article the price from 1 LTC is 87 USD and going up. there will be some hiccups on the price but the potential outcome from my estimation is 250 USD (keep it real)  at the end of the year as stable price. LTC is always been more stable that other cryptos. For me this is the actual win for a cryptocurrency, not erratic high and lows i think cryptocurrency win when the maintain the price stable for a period of time and move up to next stage from there, given chance to people make business whit it and emit contracts and offers based o secure earnings and stable prices, of course that we all want to see the price go up (Holders) but the adoption requires trust and steadiness.







Checking the graph we can appreciate the next jump that is going to happen over time also the pattern of stairs that can happen is something to study and keep track to all investors or swing traders. Share your thoughts too. See you at the exchange.


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