How do I protect my bitcoin

So a lot a people is asking me about how to protect their cryptos assets, i will tell you in this post all i am doing to take care of my Satoshis.

Ok, so the first thing you need is a computer a formal one that means no smartphones, no laptops, no ledgers nanos you need a tower desk computer that act as server.

The computer must have new parts if you are going to hold 0.5 BTC you don’t want to hold it in a old hard drive buy a new one.

This computer must not be accessible by anyone and can only accessed from internal network using a VNC connection with user and password. (Headless server)

Use Linux for run the wallet (bitcoin-core) do not install Windows to hold your money.

This Linux machines has no services at all just run the bitcoin-core ( no ssh / no apache / no share printing).

Get another hard drive 1 TB as minimum, for some people just backup the walllet (.dat file) is not enough, when it comes to bitcoin you want to be safe, so in a single word backup and more backups. every time you buy or get a deposit backup your hidden .bitcoin folder into an another unit. you will be able to get back the wallet if something bad happens whit the main storage device. BTW in 1 TB you can store at the moment only two uncompressed copys of the full .bitcoin folder, so be aware.

Next configure the wallet this is easy, you just has to put a password on the wallet, disable RPC connections and disable the CLI coin control. screens are pending for this post.

Now also you need to buy a UPS power outs can damage any device we want to protect and ensure that our assets do not suffer any data corruption so a backup power unit is need it.

The server is connected to internet all the time inside your subnet and no port forwarding either, not to that machine.

Do not install a desktop type of environment on the bitcoin core machine, use as less software possible in that machine you know… keeping it light.

That is all i have for now. let me know if this article help you or give you some ideas also share those whit us. See you on the net.


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