How to accumulate BTC Bitcoin

Hi there, In this post i will share some of the strategies i use to get more bitcoin and how to safely store your coins. Lets go!

Get a good (new) computer

If you are gonna store your funds on your computer make sure is not an old faulty one try at least to get a new hard rive before store your coins. Download bitcoin core software and store there your BTC. later create a wallet backup a store it in some place safe.

The Mining / Staking

If you have video card put it to work start mining some altcoins for example BEAM or RVN the difficulty is still easy to get by and for example a simple setup of 3 cards can get you an approx of 100 RVN or 20 BEAMS per week.

Get some staking capable coins and put them to work, coins like NRG allows easy setup of staking. Or ZRX staking it gets you ETH.

Setup an Lightning network node, create some channels and get sats for routing transactions.

Do some farming get some DAI token put it to earn interest on staking services like compound COMP.

The Trading action

Create a diversified portfolio of top 200 coins. Try to pick the ones low on BTC value so you can get in a better position.

Don’t invest in not serious projects (don’t go DEGEN).

Follow the supercyle trend BTC -> ALTS -> BTC .

Don’t sell your coins remember if you bought quality projects no need to hesitate if goes down couple of points try to accumulate in small entry’s to catch the rebound also check the news to try to get a grasp of market sentiment regarding that position that went down drastically.

Be patient the trick is to HOLD the coins until you make sure you are doing profit.

Dont sell everything, always keep some in case the rally continues.

Monitor your portfolio.

Create a watch-list for the coins on your portfolio.

When monitoring the charts use useful indicators for example:

Execute the trades for profit taking.

This is all i have for now. Let me know some feedback and your strategies too. see you later.

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