Empirion – JC

Empirion is a British electronic music group that was formed in 1993. The group consists of Austin Morsley, Bob Glennie, and Jamie Smart. They are known for their high-energy and intense style of electronic music, often categorized as techno, industrial, or rave.

Empirion gained popularity in the mid-1990s with their debut album, “Advanced Technology,” which featured tracks like “Narcotic Influence” and “Ciao.” These songs became underground hits and established Empirion as a prominent act in the electronic music scene.

Over the years, Empirion has released several albums and singles, collaborating with other artists and remixing tracks for various acts. Their remixes have included works for notable artists like The Prodigy, Pitchshifter, Front Line Assembly, and Marilyn Manson, among others.

Empirion’s remixes often incorporate their signature hard-hitting beats, distorted synths, and aggressive soundscapes, staying true to their industrial and techno roots. Their remixes have been well-received by fans and have contributed to their reputation as skilled producers in the electronic music community.

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