Posters Day

Today  I decide to make some posters I am not a graphic artist but I think, I am getting better whit the Gimp so here is a poster about Debian GNU/Linux in different colours I named them «The Debian chip» check them out, and tell me what you think. For the construction of these art I use the font «GAME OVER» and Debian free to use logo image, so feel free to download and print no strings attached. Click on the preview to download the posters pack. Enjoy!!


Acerca de rers

Rafael es TSU en Informática / Ing de Sistemas / Autor de El Gran libro de Debian GNU/Linux en 2015 fundo EnjoySistemas y actualmente se desempeña como Consultor Freelance.

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  1. Very cool man! Also, Gimp rules, extremely awesome program. Thats all I use nowadays(I used to use CorelPhotopaint) :P.

    You should check out Inkscape too. It’s a free opensource vector graphics editor.


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